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Team Essentials

  Levels of Teamwork

The nature of the work determines how much of a team you need to be. The more interdependent people are, the more closely members need to work together. At Acorn Consulting we refer to 3 levels of interdependence.

Level 1: Members have to communicate decisions and activities

Level 2: Members need to coordinate their activities

Level 3: Members need to collaborate by engaging in joint problem solving and brainstorming. They need to challenge each other's ideas and work together on developing plans and managing execution.


  Basics of Good Teamwork

At all levels good team work rests on the 4 basic elements of goals, roles, process and relationships. High performance teams pay attention to all 4 elements.

Goals: What we're trying to accomplish together

Roles: Who does what and how we handle overlaps and interdependencies

Process: How we run our business and how we work together

Relationships: Communication and influence skills for getting work done

Download and view a document that describes these elements in more detail.

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